We're on a mission to give every child in England access to a laptop which is fit for purpose to help with their education. We Need Your Help.

We've been delighted to see many businesses running initiatives to gather unused old laptops to try to create a supply for Schools, but unfortunately with the need for uniformed security settings and laptops being part of a single school network which is monitored and maintained this simply isn't possible or realistic with a mixed bag of devices. This is why we're launching Devices for Education to deliver a solution which puts a brand new fit-for-purpose device into the hands of every pupil in England.

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How We Can Help

Outright Purchases

Providing a device for every student is no small task. Our platform is designed to make the purchasing process as simple and achievable as possible. You'll have all your information in one place, total visibility of available products and access to market-beating prices, plus expert help at every step.


For many schools, leases provide the best solution, both for keeping up to date with the latest tech and money management. By relieving the burden of upfront expense, schools can focus on getting the right equipment for their students, and pay for it as they use it. Device leases start from as low as £7.52 a month.

Parental Donation Schemes

With our easy to use Donation Portal, schools can effortlessly manage and receive donations to support their 1:1 initiatives including the automatic use of gift aid where appropriate.

Affordability Calculator

Use the calculator below to see how support schemes can be utilised to make 1:1 initiatives more affordable.

1. Requirements

Example Outright Device Cost

Payment Type

Is Device Insurance Required?

2. Support Scheme

What monthly amount would parents be asked to donate?

£3.00 £13.00

For every unit bought, how many old devices can your school trade-in?

0.0 2.0

For every unit bought, how many old devices from parents can be donated?

0.0 2.0

Indicative Scheme Affordability

Unit Costs For The School

Device Costs To Pay £402.61
Scheme Support

(Donations + Gift Aid + Trade-in devices)

Cost of Scheme Support £22.92
Total Net Cost Per Unit £127.34
Annual Net Cost Per Unit £42.45

Parent Donation Breakdown

Total Donation Amount £201.31
Cost to Purchase Device At The End Of The Scheme


Total Outlay £255.31
Equivalent Monthly Outlay £7.09

Registration Form

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We look forward to welcoming you to the platform soon.

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School Information

Parental Contribution Schemes

Parental contribution schemes help schools fund some or all of the student device costs, enabling more students to access the technology they need to thrive in the classroom and at home.

During the schemes, parents can contribute monthly via direct debits and they are typically run over three years. At the end of the scheme, parents will have the option to purchase the devices at a reduced market rate or return them to the school.

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